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An Access Control system is an electronic means of restricting entry into a building or designated area. In lieu of a traditional key, it utilizes a programmed card, allowing you to choose who, where and when employees may gain entry to designated areas. Adding an access control system to your business is an investment in the safety and security of your employees, resources, and property.

NSI Security Systems offers a full range of access control solutions. Our designs range from single door electronic keypads to large networked systems for managing access through multiple buildings.

Access Control System
Access Control System

Benefits of an Access Control System

  • No More Lost Keys: When an employee quits loses their keys or leaves the company, simply remove the employee’s access card from the system or issue a new card when necessary.
  • Generate Reports: An Access Control System keeps track of who’s coming and who’s going, logging every entry and exit of each individual.
  • No Undetected Strangers: An Access Control System helps prevent strangers from slipping in undetected.
  • Reduce Chaos of After-hour Shifts: If a business has multiple shifts with large groups of employees coming and going at odd hours, an Access Control System can help organize the chaos.
  • Secure Sensitive Information: An Access Control System allows a business to limit the access to certain areas. Any business with secure data should consider an Access Control System.
  • Increase Safety: It is much faster to swipe a card than to fumble around for a key. Plus, keys are easily duplicated, while an access card is not.
  • Reduce Theft: An Access Control System allows a business to give only approved or specially trained employees access to designated areas. For example, a business might want to limit who has access to a supply room so they can keep better track of supplies.
  • Control Multiple Access Across Multiple Properties: Many businesses have multiple locations. An Access Control System will not only allow a business to limit access to those employees who only need to enter one building but will also allow access to those employees who need to enter all buildings

Intercom Systems

Enhance your access control design with the addition of an intercom system. We offer different intercom platforms ranging from simple 2-way audible only configurations to ones with more complex audio & visual capabilities. An intercom system offers another layer of security, helping you determine why an individual is there and whether they should be granted access to your property or other secured areas. Schools, corporations, hospitals & government facilities often use intercom systems for more efficient communication and added security.


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